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Sex with school girl - 2010-01-16

It was my first day to school, 9th std, that I saw her and I was astonished to see her with a nice boobs, tightened in her top and a slight whit colour bra which I saw. That arosed my dick and I started fantasizing about her since then.

As the time passed she became my friend, we started sitting together on a single bench, then the closest friend and then started our deep relation. . .. she called me on my phone once at late evening to say that she wants to hang out with me early mornig. To which I readily agreed. I use to call her TINU.

Next day morning 7o’clock we met at a place near to our school which was quite silent and there was no one to disturb as. I don’t know why but intensionally she sat behind a tree and asked me to sit there. I was little shocked but was also excited. I went there and then we started talking about our life. At certain point we started discussing about sex . . and even I told her about my first day experience for her.

Tinu: you were not bad!!

Me: That means you were also looking in me ?? aha what did you saw??

She laughed and pointed her hand towards my dick.. . this arose me to have sex with her… I was unable to do with her..

Me: What if we have sex??

Tinu: That’s bad. . what if anyone see us??

Me: Don’t worry am there with you. . .nothing will happen to my sweet Tinu!!!

Then I hugged her and I knew it that now she is totally in mu control. Her heart bit fastened at that time and I could feel her excitement. Slowly we started kissing each other on lips. . her lips were fully pink and lusty. Both of us kept our eyes closed and were enjoying the fun. Then slowly I pushed my hand in her top and then in her bra. . I slowly moved my hand on her boobs. . what hell the boobs were. . soft and silky. . I was dying to take them in my mouth and play with them.. then I saw around if there was someone. .but to my luck there was none. And so I took off her top and unhooked her bra. Even she removed my t-shirt with shy.

We again hugged each other and started kissing. .i then put my hand over her soft and sexy boobs . .and started playing with them. ..her nipples became harder and then I moved down to take them in my mouth. . she helped me through and I kissed them and suck them till 5 min. . then I put my hand in her jeans .. I opened her jeans and then removed her panties.. . for some time I was shocked to believe that she was fully naked now in front of me. . then I started fingering. . .and she cum in few min. . what smell. .

Then I helped her to put her hand on my dick. . she was very excited. . .she unbuttoned my jeans and then my underwear. .she just hugged me and didn’t see my dick. ..but her one hand was on my dick and she started rubbing it slowly. . it was like she already knew what the handjob is. . she started doing more faster and then she took my dick in her mouth. . I felt like in dream. . she sucked my dick for sometime and then it was time to play the real sex. . I helped her to get into position and slowly put my dick on her sex part. It was tight and it was very difficult for me to push my dick inside her vigina. . but we did our best and slowly I was successful to put in. I pushed it harder then and started giving her strokes.
. I loved it a lot and she was very excited too. . we were unable to believe that we are having sex behind our school and that to at public place. .

For sometime we had sex in around 4 to 5 position and I was about to cum.. . .she took my dick in her hand and started rubbing softly . . .then she suddenly started rubbing it fast. . .i moaned it very hard. . aaaaahhhhhh.. . and I cummed. .
We kissed each other and hugged each other for somemore time in same naked position. .then she helped me to clean ourselves . .and then we left to return back to home. .
We had sex for more than 5 times and lets see. . .still even college life is left. .

People say true that “School days are best days”

This story is copyright © to Jack Sing

Author:Jack Sing
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Category:School Girl Sex Stories

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