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Category: Group Stories.

With approval - 2009-03-02
A little about myself, I'm 5'9", short brunette, 36c's, thong tanline, and a very sexy landing strip I am very open-minded and love experiencing anything sexually that will make me wet... Click to read more

Enchanted Forest - 2006-10-11
The sun slowly rose over the horizon as the men entered the forest, their confident strides taking them deeper into the trees until they could no longer see the world they'd left behind As they walked, the men observed the lush green of their surroundings and realized that besides the contents of the heavy backpacks they carried, there were no signs of civilization... Click to read more

Double The Pleasure - 2006-10-04
From upstairs, I hear the front door creak open then bang shut My husband must be home... Click to read more

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